Video Intelligence in the Workplace using AI

Video Intelligence for Safety in the Workplace

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Real-time video streams amount to colossal amounts of data. Footage is gathered from various cameras. The hardware can be cheap and expensive, need for night vision, high vs low resolution etc..  It is quite humanly impossible to sort through all of this data to arrive at a meaningful conclusion; hence Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML) are propelling factors of automated ways to generate value from this video streams, and in real-time. AI for video analytics is breaking through manufacturing units, supply chains, workplaces, and retail outlets to automate and reinforce critical operations.

Here we discuss the usefulness of video analytics at workplace. These applications focus on ensuring a better, safer and more efficient workplace:  

Workplace Safety and Security 

The integration of advanced tools and technologies into business infrastructures is accompanied by an enormous risk of accidents and mismanagement. To improve workplace safety and security, AI for video analytics is emerging as an effective and robust tool. With domain-specific training, deep learning models can identify and raise alarms for:

  • Flame or smoke detection
  • Short circuit detection
  • Unknown visitor capture at prohibited work areas
  • Safety equipment and accessory validation for on-field services, and
  • Anomaly detection at construction sites

With COVID-19 still being a major concern, the cameras can be retrofitted with software that detects if the employees are wearing masks using a combination of face and mask detection AI. Practicing social distancing can also be monitored and enforced using video analytics to measure distance between employees.

Another aspect of security at the workplace involves monitoring for intruders with malicious intent, in places like shopping malls, salons, restaurants, bars, etc., there’s been an increase in gun violence. Security cameras enabled with AI video analytics to recognize abnormal behaviour and gun/weapons detection might prevent violent acts by raising alarms when such items are detected and increase safety of both employees and customers. Real-time video surveillance is necessary in uncertain situations. 

Employee Management

As the corporations grow larger resource management setups are a challenging task. With the advent of technology-driven operations, companies are looking for more efficient and advanced solutions than traditional biometrics systems.

AI for video analytics is making remarkable strides in introducing facial recognition technology to routine employee attendance and shift control at workplaces. Face recognition models can be trained and updated easily whenever a new employee joins the workforce and can even provide it at certain times for scheduled shifts. The security camera feed is used to recognize the employee, by face and real time. Before entering that person into the workplace, AI can help run automated series of checks. Businesses can integrate the AI model with web administration systems to automate monitoring and tracking attendance accurately and effortlessly.

Remote Inspection and Asset Monitoring

Manual efforts for analyzing operations at a granular level has become impossible due to increasing complexities of today’s manufacturing environment. The innovations of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was, therefore, imperative to the proper and efficient functioning of companies that produce/manufacture products in large quantities.

Today, RPA has paved the way for artificial intelligence to streamline and accelerate existing business models and enhance customer satisfaction and experience exponentially. AI for video analytics at manufacturing units is capable of identifying and analyzing critical supply chain movements. More so, on-site drone videos and cameras can be remotely accessed to monitor the critical assets or threats to workers, equipment, vehicles, and locations.


Video Analytics in Other fields

AI and Video Analytics has made its way from production industries to retail and now to Agriculture. Monitor daily operations like milking and feeding are being automated using AI enabled cameras. Diseases to plants and crops can be detected and the kind of disease can be recognized instantly using models trained specifically for this purpose. 

Robots equipped with cameras are now being used in the Harvesting process as well, the machines are equipped with technology to identify the location of the fruits and vegetables their size and ripeness by processing video images. 

Weed control in agriculture is an important task, robots equipped with cameras leverage CV technology to identify weeds and have a precision herbicide spraying mechanism to root out the weeds. This precision spray helps prevent herbicide resistance. 

Another field where AI is beginning to make its mark is spotting poachers in vast acres of forest land. Using a network of motion detectors, cameras, and a trained model, conservationists are identifying more poachers at a faster pace than ever before, and introducing a new advantage in the fight against poaching. The AI enabled cameras have become proficient in differentiating between animals, persons and vehicles. It can also tag different species of animals and help keep track of the population. 

Video Intelligence has made its mark on various fields and has become a tool that makes the modern workplace better, faster and safer.




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