Chrysalis Cloud Beta great for cctv traffic detection

It’s here! The Chrysalis Cloud beta.

Kate W

After months of building, we are excited to unveil our new video streaming platform to the developer community. If you are interested in streaming video to the cloud and running any kind of real-time AI functionality, click here to get free access for a month. This is our first public launch and we look forward to your feedback.

Why use Chrysalis Cloud to stream your video and run your AI functionality?

  • Set up in as little as 5 minutes
  • Minimal video/back-end expertise necessary
  • Low latency streaming and effortless autoscaling

Save up to 70% vs AWS products including Kinesis, Fargate and Lambda

What is Chrysalis Cloud?

Chrysalis Cloud is the first low cost, light-weight streaming platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for real-time video processing and AI. The platform itself is a container orchestrator built specifically for real-time streaming video analytics, and is thus vastly more efficient and less complicated than incumbent solutions. If you want to learn more about what we built and why, read more here.

Why is it more efficient?

Our platform cuts out 2/3 of the machinery needed to consume video streams (assuming standard replication factor of 3) since we don’t utilize one large queue for video streaming, which requires sharing and replication. Further, since Chrysalis Cloud was custom-build for real-time streaming and analytics, we cut out unnecessary sidecar containers needed by microservices architectures. As a result, we can schedule more containers on a single machine than our competitors. As simple as this may sound, it took a skilled back-end and computer vision team 2 years to build it. We look forward to passing on that value to our customers!

Can I use Chrysalis Cloud on the edge?

Many of our beta testers conduct AI functions on the edge before streaming to the cloud for retraining and storage. Our platform offers both the Chrysalis Edge SDK as well as the Chrysalis Cloud SDK in Python to run functionality in the cloud. Even if you work mostly on the edge, you’ll need to stream your data to the cloud eventually- and we are here to make that process inexpensive and efficient.

Who uses Chrysalis Cloud?

Any individual or company who wants to process a video stream in real time and run AI functionality- whether it be face detection, mask detection, gun detection, etc. This includes surveillance and security companies who leverage AI for better detection, retail analytics companies who analyze store data in real time, and any number of government monitoring applications, virtual job assistance (from medical to industrial) and robotics.

How do I get started with the Chrysalis Cloud Beta?

  • Registration here to access our free developer portal trial. You’ll be able to setup 1 RTMP camera stream for free for a month.
  • Short instructions on how to stream with RTMP here.
  • How to use our Chrysalis Cloud SDK in Python to consume that stream for AI purposes here.
  • A few examples on how to use the SDK here.
  • And finally, some basic AI examples to get started here.

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