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Today, we’ll be showing you how to run facial recognition using the Chrysalis Cloud video streaming service with one of our go-to devtools, In the demo video linked below we use face detection and show how easy it is to run your own Object Detection AI Projects. Follow along by logging into your console HERE OR registering for a free month HERE.

The quick 15minute video that shows how to set up a simple real-world example of image recognition and training. It’s an easy DIY that can be utilized at home with any IP camera. The platform design is intended to train on any object or person or data set. We chose face recognition.

What is

Chooch AI is a flexible, and accurate enterprise AI platform for AI training and deployment.  The robust platform is straightforward and allows the training begin with as little as five images. (We recommend more).

Our use case is facial recognition between 2 people. But the platform is meant to train any image content that it’s fed. It can be used for multiple object detection types.

BONUS:  They are offering a free beta trial to new customers.

Playful Projects Ideas (parallel to ours)

We thrive on AI fun! Now it’s your turn to test this out with real time videos, moving objects, or still recognitions. 

  • Bagels Topping Inspection:


  • Specific face recognition: (especially good for family member surveillance)


  • Open Book Recognition: (good for virtual learning)


  • Street Car Traffic: 




AI that is mostly used for surveillance and inspection has before relied heavily on edge devices (aka local devices).

We encourage you to learn more on transferring ML Data to the cloud. Start first by determining the image/object(s) you would like to identify, tag, and train.



Get involved and tag us in your projects or reach out for direction to our team at:


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