How to stream your computer camera to Chrysalis Cloud with OBS Studio


Download OBS Studio. It is a free open source software for live streaming.

  1. Create new Scene (click + on the bottom left)
  2. Add Video Capture Device from Sources


If you haven’t done so yet create a free developer account on Chrysalis Cloud. After receiving and confirming your Chrysalis Cloud developer account, continue with “Stream settings”

Stream settings

Open OBS Studio Settings and select Stream. Under stream select Custom….

Login to your Chrysalis Cloud developer account and under My Cameras and select your created camera from the list of cameras. If you haven’t created one yet, click Add RTMP Camera and follow the instructions.

From the list of My Cameras. Under Details you will find RTMP streaming details.


Copy RTMP Server Url to OBS Server and Stream Key to Stream Key.

You’re ready to stream video

Click Apply/OK on settings. Now select Start Streaming.


Note that anytime you change settings after the stream has started you might have to wait up to 10 minutes for encoders/decoders on Chrysalis cloud to reset. Alternatively you can delete the RTMP camera and create new one.

By default OBS Studio will automatically create x264 video encoder for you. You can try to change the encoder from software encoder to hardware if you’d like the OBS encoder to utilize less CPU.

You can also change frame rate from OBS Studio.