How to stream from your iPhone/iPad camera to Chrysalis Cloud

Lerix Broadcaster iOS App

Install Lerix Broadcaster on your iPhone.

Larix Broadcaster allows streaming video and/or audio live content from your mobile device in real-time over WiFi, EDGE, 3G, LTE and 5G.

If you haven’t done so yet create a free developer account on Chrysalis Cloud. After receiving and confirming your Chrysalis Cloud developer account, continue with “Stream settings”

Visit your developer account on Chrysalis Cloud and Copy the complete RTMP Stream URL from My Cameras -> Details.


Open Larix Broadcaster app and navigate Settings -> Connections -> +

Set a name for your stream and paste the RTMP Stream URL into URL input and Save.

Tip: Email/Message yourself the complete RTMP URL link from Chrysalis Cloud so you can copy/paste it into the URL window of Larix app.